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Outsourced sales organisations

How should we create a Sales organisation for a new market?

1. The Classical approach

In our home market we started with a dedicated sales manager full time on the payroll. This was good because we wanted to control every part of the activity and it was important that the whole team was part of the sales process.

Therefore in a new market we should do the same thing and start by hiring a full time person.

So lets call a recruiter to get a good person.

2. The Distributor approach

Now that we know how customers receive our product, who we want to sell to and what is the marketing proposition then all we need to do is to hire a distributor. Then we train them and they will develop the market on our behalf.

So what we do now is select a good distributor and then we need to support them locally for a few months to get them focused on our brand and win some early business. How do we do that?

Someone Like You can define a 3-12 month project for a local resource to do this for you.

3. The Outsourced approach

We know that we get better results when we have a focal point (person or team) driving our sales in the market. We would prefer to keep some accounts as direct customers so that we have more control of where our products are placed. We also know that a local Distributor can make it easier to deliver products to the channel partners we want to work with. The marketing team have a PR company they want to work with. The CEO prefers a permanent hire but we don't have the budget for that and we don't want to wait another year as it will allow competitors to start before us.

Local hire of staff can be expensive on search, local company creation, payroll, tax and benefits. Its probably better to do that once we know that our products and services fit with the local market.

If we could find a person or a team that was able to dedicate time on sales for our brand, is already present in the market and with their own company so they can just present us an invoice for payment. Then we get local resource but we don't need to set up a whole company support in the country.

We need to be sure there is no conflict with a competitor and that we have trust and confidence in the individuals we will be working with. We also need to know they will spend enough time on our brand. Finally we want to manage costs yet give the sales person or team the opportunity to benefit if they do a really good job and get us up and running quickly.

If the business grows well we will want to hire our own team on the payroll, so its important that is understood in advance.

With a solution like this we can develop the market in the way that we prefer. Some accounts direct. Some accounts through distribution. A proper marketing activity. Regular reports back. Yet the costs are efficient. In fact the person becomes part of our team even though they are not directly on the payroll.

Perfect !

How do we find a good person or team?

Someone Like You can define a 6-24 month project and find the right person for your brand and your opportunity

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