Someone Like You

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Senior level, seasoned professional sales and business development people. Adaptive, flexible, hard working and goal oriented. Skills and experience honed over years in a series of successful assignments for a variety of employers. Multi-channel experience and multi-category insight. The language skills and cultural understanding to work in the target markets. A willingness to work on short term projects and the confidence to achieve results. Its not the age that’s critical it’s the attitude and the ability to fit in and deliver sales.
This business came into being because it’s the question most asked just after the launch phase of the projects in which we have been involved.
There must be Someone Like You that can help us with ...

Peter Blampied


Brings a unique blend of commercial skills to implement sales projects with style, vision, experience and brings valuable contacts to businesses. Possesses an excellent reputation for the achievement of success, for brands, for products and for customers, together with the strong attention to detail needed to support businesses and organisations to achieve both strategic and operational objectives quickly.

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We will use our network to introduce the right people to help you. We will assist you in agreeing an appropriate contract of engagement. We will monitor and support the project and the people involved to ensure satisfaction.