What we need is Someone Like You.

We are a place to find great sales leaders, to work with you to achieve challenging sales assignments, in the short and medium term, freelance, where the people you choose will buy into your success through payment based on results
We can help you to bridge the chasm between early adopters and the early majority, ensuring long term success is achievable.
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Typical Projects
Launched an existing fast growth US west coast start-up in France, achieving over €0.5M in new retail sales within 6 months and achieving presence in over 200 retail outlets and all the major online sites. Achieving European ranging and sales volume early was a major factor for their billion dollar acquisition by a global brand.

Launched a new London based music streaming product in the UK and the US simultaneously, with support from big name stores and market leading online retailers, as well as innovative use of TV shopping channels.

Launched a US smart home automation product in France, Germany, Netherlands, Turkey and the Mediterranean testing both retail and online channels in both B2C and B2B channels. All in just one year with limited marketing budgets and no permanent staff in Europe. A significant factor in the early sale of the business by the founders.

Advised a startup on the likely conditions of a B2C channels launch and the proposition that would be required. Tested the proposition with real target channels and gained early insights that allowed the management to adapt and refocus on B2B markets first.

Re-designed the marketing and sales proposition for a successful kickstarter brand, to allow them to test their products in high street retailers, to test with international partners, to sign a pan European distributor and to attract new investment for the next product range.

Faced with an unhappy distribution partner, fast falling retail confidence and loss of momentum in a previously successful market, this established company needed a turnaround. Just 9 months later problems sorted, new retailers opening, brand rescued, local sales resources hired and trained, a happy distributor motivated to succeed and sales up by €0.5M with continued momentum for the coming year.

Worked alongside the CEO of an existing online only SDA brand to launch an innovative completely new juicer product into premium UK retail. Demonstrated the whole proposition in-store and provided support to store sales so that early critical feedback was given to the design team for the next version of the product to be launched just 9 months later.
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Someone Like You
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Our People
Senior level, seasoned professional sales and business development people. Adaptive, flexible, hard working and goal oriented. Skills and experience honed over years in a series of successful assignments for a variety of employers. Multi-channel experience and multi-category insight. The language skills and cultural understanding to work in the target markets. A willingness to work on short term projects and the confidence to achieve results. Its not the age that’s critical it’s the attitude and the ability to fit in and deliver sales.
This business came into being because it’s the question most asked just after the launch phase of the projects in which we have been involved.
There must be Someone Like You that can help us with ….
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In complete confidence, tell us about your project.

We will use our network to introduce the right people to help you.

We will assist you in agreeing an appropriate contract of engagement.

We will monitor and support the project and the people involved to ensure satisfaction.

Our goal is that you will once again ask that question …. There must be Someone Like You that can help us with ….

If you are a potential client and would like us to contact you, then please click here.

If you are an experienced freelance sales consultant and would like to apply to be part of our extended team, then please click here.
What we are not
We are not a place for …

Hiring permanent staff, there are many excellent companies to help with that.

Hiring interim management to provide cover while you run a search assignment.

Hiring merchandisers or store demonstrators or event staff.

A strategic consultancy for companies that don’t know what they want, when or where.

Our business is …

About matching effective, experienced operational sales people in the market, who have capacity to help you, who are used to working on short and medium term assignments, often in parallel with non-competing clients, who can get your challenging sales projects off the ground. In short we are all about delivering successful sales results quickly.
Someone Like You
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The people introduced by Someone Like You are experienced professionals and they would expect you to pay them basic fees during the 'Explore' phase based on the time invested at this stage. They would also expect you to cover the business travel expenses when they are specifically working on a task for you. As the project moves into a 'Launch' phase then our people expect to earn commission quarterly on the sales that are made, supported by a monthly retainer to smooth cash flow. The final fee structure is between you and the chosen staff and is dependent on the scale and complexity of the project and the dedicated time that you want for your project. Someone Like You will charge arrangement fees.
Someone Like You
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